Got A Tender Battery? GET A BATTERY TENDER !





If you G_ogle (They don’t need anymore references), Bing, DuckDuckGo, Startpage or other capable search engines for reviews on Battery Tender equipment, you will get a million results! Well, maybe NOT a million, but definitely thousands!

For good reason! Battery Tender brand makes great products. They design and put innovative thought into how their products are used. What we love the most is how easy most of their charging units are to operate and understand! Not everyone wants to experiment with AC/DC current and most motorcyclists aren’t looking to gain cred as an electro-mechanical engineer etc. (Besides the certification process is pure hell!)

What we want, as motorcyclists, are pieces of gear that are a snap to hook up, operate, set and forget settings, as well as products that are quality made. Battery Tender does all this and more.


The lead(s) that the unit ships with easily hide under frames or wherever you need to hide and eventually access them! Motosquirrel + Battery Tender = Love !


BUT- What we wanted to do at Motosquirrel is mention just a few things that we found as a surprise in using this product, why we recommend it highly to newer riders and those riders who are buying used bikes as extra bikes or as first riders etc.

As with most battery conditioning equipment by Battery Tender, the first kit that we ordered and tried, shipped with a charging lead. This is meant to be installed semi-permanently on your bike. In a discreet way you can access this lead as well as charge your battery when necessary, without always having to hook up leads or alligator clips to your battery terminals every time.



Just remember to Re-cap the unit lead before you ride!


What we didn’t expect is that it was ALSO easy as pie to hook up our very own multimeter via clips to this provided extender lead. We installed our SAE port discreetly under our motorcycles side cover/panel. (When we made battery level checks on older bikes, we didn’t need to remove the tender lead, instead, we just clipped to it. This is great.

The leads that come with the Battery Tender kit (Ours came with both the semi-permanent access lead PLUS an alligator clip (For clipping to the battery or if the battery is removed etc.) are both wired with a safety fuse/breaker included. This makes it safe to approach either the outboard or inboard lead wired to your bike or battery. A very nice touch.



The one criticism we have for using these TYPES of units is that we caution how you keep your AC current leads in your garage etc. Make sure to keep your Battery Tender equipment out of the reach of water, other AC gear and the kids! Duh!




The other surprise about Battery Tender’s technologies is that it was easier to assess and recondition (Within reason- The unit we used is not Magic! Nor is it a desulferator) a battery that was falling up and down a few volt points. Again, there are a million and a half tutorials and videos on these units we just wanted to mention a few surprises.

A couple more surprises about our Battery Tender Junior unit. It has spark arresting wiring and tech built in! Which means that you can leave it for a while! Also, it will slow-off after 80hrs and will reset so as not to become a hazard. This is awesome.

We recommend the Battery Tender Junior unit to anyone who bought their first bike or just bought their first beautiful new or slightly used moto. Their is a good chance that as a new rider you will not want to be bothered with slack gear that doesn’t charge your battery for certain. The Tender does all the thinking and blinking for you! As a new bike purchaser, it is a great way of maintaining your bike if it is out of commission for a few winter months as you ride your cager or second steed on the street. Either way, if you have more than one bike in the garage or many, just add some leads to the ‘Batts’ on your bikes and you can take turns charging them (Perhaps weekly), or, you ran purchase one of Battery Tenders multi-chargers or just a few Juniors etc.



Every unit is bright, smart and informative- Indicating what is going on, if there are faults in the system and when your battery is charged up! Oh sweet, sweet Battery Tender! Tender us a fresh battery! (You worry when they start talking back!)


We have used this unit and others by Battery Tender for almost three years without a hitch! Reminds us of the “Old” days when things were designed and made well. Now…to get some more products made in the U.S.A.!

Reminder: This company is offering more Solar Powered models, water resistant units and mulit-charging systems. We would love to see them come up with a UPS solution for computer and desktop multimedia uses! Hoorah!

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Battery Tender Junior Model (Excellent first battery conditioner saver!)



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