Nah! Just another amazing motorcycle that I witnessed last weekend while in North Bend WA! While stopping by Moon Motorcycles to pick up my newly mounted tires, I got to check out, although rather hurriedly.….  (cuz they were about to close for the day) this outstanding off-road motorcycle.

I’ve been a fan of Urals for quite some time and I’ve always wished that I could either afford to have one as an extra bike or for just getting around the city.  I could go into all of the amazing abilities, history and the various current uses of these three wheeled vehicles, but for this quick write up the focus is strictly that of Scott Moon’s very own personal vehicle.  What I would like to note by mentioning the Ural is that whenever myself or other motorcyclists are talking or are taking in considerations of whether or not to purchase a Ural, it always comes down to a final negative which outweighs all the positives:  The achilles’ heel of these fantastically designed and unconquerable Ural mechanical creatures is the fact that their maximum safe highway speeds are just not speedy enough, unless traveling with other close by motorcycles or urals on most major U.S. highways.  Don’t get me wrong, you can do it ……  But I’m not sure that I would!  Nor would I want my closest loved one in that little metal bucket seat on said highway!


(It must be inserted here and stated emphatically, that any high powered or overly high revving or even torquey engine installed or utilized in a sidecar or trike could be deadly and driven without the proper expertise, rider experience, sidecar and earned off-road abilities could prove very dangerous or possibly even fatal!) (Also I would like to note here that although I was only able to look at this terrific motorcycle rig for a few minutes, I can clearly see that it was well designed, crafted and engineered to work well with the combination of both the Yamaha Tenere and the Ural side-car passenger bucket- THIS was no “Weekend Have A Few Beers Project”). -Look out for a future in-depth article on it’s build genesis with Mr. Scott Moon of Moon Motorcycles in the future etc.

At a glance: What stands out. WELL! 

What doesn’t ! I have seen Ural, 


Harley’s, Moto Guzzi’s, Goldwings and 


even Vespas with sidecars etc., but 


never something as off-road ADV aggressive as a Super Tenere! 

What Scott pointed out to me right away is the special supportive frame under bracketing or undergirding if you will.  There’s also a specially customized front leader fork which was milled for this project bike specifically.  I did not get to ask Scott, but it looked to me that all of the suspension was specifically customized for this build as well.

Again all apologies for the very rough and unfocused photos of this incredible machine but I’ll be getting some better shots soon and updated info!


If you want a better look….you better stop by Moon in North Bend!