Light Up Tire Pressure Gauge!





Light It Up Baby!!
Light-Up Tire Pressure Gauge?…..Always!

Go Ahead and Splurge!
(Also a Great Stocking Stuffer!) ; )



Sometimes a million copied, inexpensive and handy Tire Pressure Gauges is a good thing (….Really!)


Most of us who have been riding long enough to forget how many hot and cold seasons we have gone through with our motorcycles, most likely, also forget how many tire pressure gauges we have lost along the way!


Whether for better or worse, the days of owning a very well made, metal constructed, warrantied and fixable tire pressure gauge are gone (Almost) forever!

Most of the moderately to cheaper priced gauges come in the variety that are only built to last so long. So be it.

What does Motosquirrel suggest? We suggest purchasing or utilizing a pressure gauge within your garage that can be calibrated and rebuilt or fixed. This should be an accurate unit that you DO NOT LOAN to neighbors (Unless, like great books, you are willing to not read it again!). It will also be of a higher cost and more valuable. When doing home wrenching you can use this unit without fail.



It’s Murphy’s Law: Your bike WILL flat in the dark!


We also suggest carrying a small, relatively inexpensive, easy to use, easy to fit in your travel gear, stow on the bike, easy to find (get to that later) as well as…..wait for it….the ability to light up!

One of the few benefits to having most of our products being made overseas (Don’t get us started), is the fact that many of these foreign manufacturers constantly copy each others products most liberally and specifically. But this brings the cost down to consumers! To be able to purchase a small, somewhat accurate, digitally operated, LCD displayed, light up and portable tire air pressure gauge- that can also measure in both metric and pounds (for less than 15 dollars) a few decades ago would be unheard of!-(Patents were once protected in the good ol’ days as well…oh we digress!).

Enter the plethora of small and very usable gauges that are available to keep your bikes tire pressure up to snuff!


There are many to try and so many to eventually lose! When it comes to choosing a small gauge be wise when striking the balance between something that is affordable enough and accurate enough without being too precious to lose while on the road.





There are many small and very handy units (See the one illustrated in our photo set as well as links etc.) that are now coming with the ability to light up. This may seem like a small thing but The Squirrel recommends this highly! It is not that you need or must absolutely have such a unit. But we cannot ignore innovation- even if it comes in the form of a small plastic tire gauge that lights up like a lightning bug!

Let’s face it! When are we most likely checking our tire pressures? It is often first thing in the morning or at the end of a ride commute day when there is less light at dawn or dusk. And it is Murphy’s law that dictates that when we get a blow-out, it will most likely be during a raining late night ride when we forgot a flash light and will need to see into tiny places. What makes this little unit illustrated here (And it’s many sisters copies/knock-offs) so great is that it can be used as a small light to guide you as you find your way with your patch kit, pump or are just double checking in the dark etc. Do many mobile bike battery operated emergency pumps come with their own lights nowadays- why yes they do! But this little unit let’s you check in the dark both before and after filling with your emergency kit without pulling everything out.

So far, we have found this unit accurate enough to keep your tires rolling (Plus or minus a pound) or to be used as reference or in an emergency. It is also handy coming in a yellow color which makes it easy to find in your kit and will be less likely to lose.

This would also make a perfect motorcycle crazy’s stocking stuffer!!

Get One!