TCX Blaze boots- The Little “Italian Stallion”





TCX Blaze Boots
(For the Urban Conquerer in You!)


There are a lot of fads that come and go in the Motorcycle industry. This year’s suede boots were last year’s B-ball looking High-Top type Moto kicks.


We at Motosquirrel are very leery of trends. It takes some persuading to get us to try something different (Roll in the Bates Adrenaline here). But, as in our change of heart for a good try of Bates’s motorcycle line-up of last year, so many times we get burned in either quality, availability, fit/finish or especially in the price of something deemed “New” or “Different”.


We also love (Oh No! We just lost our vegan-save-the-animals folks here) the use of as much leather (Where possible) on bike boots, gloves, pants/parts etc. Leather has proven itself over time as a very protective, long lasting and good looking material. Trouble is…..that the more people complain of it’s use and express it’s usage in products as being terrible, inappropriate, or should not be condoned – then the more expensive it gets! Hence the high price we pay for leather in anything! That said, there are many applications where leather is proving to hold a second place to higher end and not-so high end man-made synthetic materials.


TCX, an Italian motorcycle boot manufacturer, prides itself on making many of their goods out of man-made synthetics. They also pride themselves on making boots and shoes exclusively (Well almost!).


In a world which seems hell-bent on denying individual countries their own heritages, pride in culture, sovereign economies, borders and language, it is hard for we at Motosquirrel to believe that Italy has been able to hold on to their own super history in shoe making- OR motorcycle manufacture for that matter!


The amount of styles and purposes for their boot lines are very great. We were attracted to their Blaze line when we were searching for a pair of boots that fell within these guidelines (Not prioritized here):


1. They must be comfortable
2. These boots can’t have any gimmicks (Weird buckles etc.)
3. Cannot look like heavy boots at a distance or at work
4. Must be water-repellent (We haven’t found a boot that is H20 proof!)
5. Mostly black in color
6. No weird tread that will get in the way of our shifter!
7. Good for mid-season Fall and Spring (Not Summer or Winter)
8. Over ankle height
9. Comfortable to wear for wider feet (Tough One!)
10. Durable
11. Stiff enough
12. NOT EXPENSIVE (Another Tough One!)
13. Hopefully NOT heavy!


When we first unboxed our pair of Blazes’ Blazers…hrmm.., we were impressed with how light they felt in our greedy claws! Although this design by TCX is billed as one of their “More Affordable” styles by many retailers, we couldn’t help but notice how well they were made. The laces were quality and the boot sole itself felt stiff. There was also a noticeable protective cup over the outside ankle areas.


These shoes were simple, sleek and…..wait for it…..well made! Yes they were synthetic, BUT they didn’t feel CHEAP! Also noticeable with this pair is a set of Velcro closure bands that are meant to cover and secure the tied laces which would ordinarily just dangle out of place – nice touch!


Extras: Sets of stickers, warranty as well as reflective tabs on the back of the heel. Good stuff.


Parking our two wheeled monster after our first ride with these boots, we became believers. While dismounting, we scraped the top of the left boot front on the underside of a very jagged lean whisker under our right foot peg. It was instant frustration as we felt that all-too-common: “Dam- we just got these boots!”. But, here is the good part! The small/thin scratch or mark that was left very easily rubbed out with a few brushes of our thumb! Hmmm this microfiber is a …..a bit like leather!


(A link to TCX footwear technology)


The ride itself showed that these boots were comfortable, supportive and inspired confidence when riding. The coolest thing is that you can actually walk a great distance in this pair after you dismount! Pretty comfortable! They were also very comfortable once we got to walking about the studio.


Sixth month update:


The conclusion to this article which began in the Spring is that this pair of boots is very special indeed. They provide comfort and a sense of security at the same time! They are also very wet resilient! Well done TCX! (They are a steal at $99.00 U.S. via




Overall Features:

  • Soft Touch matte microfiber construction
  • Air Tech lining
  • Ankle, toe and heel counter reinforcements
  • Easy lace-up system with VELCRO® brand strap closure
  • Replaceable footbed
  • Multi-purpose and high wear-resistant sole
  • CE certified


Blaze Me Baby!


Moto Out!


P.S.- The sizing of these particular TCX boots were spot-on for U.S. Sizing. They also fit a wider foot quite well…..without discomfort or splitting!