Are you a Wheelie Maker! Righteous Stunt Metal Is!





When we were searching a few years ago for a product that would cut down on the amount of pull required at the lever of a sport bike, a few folks suggested a little known product outside the motocross or supermoto world, namely, RSC or Righteous Stunt Clutch.


In the last few years OEM Motorcycle manufacturers have responded to an ever growing request by both newer and seasoned riders alike for better and easier clutch pulls at the lever. Enter “Slipper/Assist Clutches. So many people, in the west especially, have been repetitively damaging their hands, wrists and fingers due to too much computer station work (Hmmm….what we are doing now!). Add in daily life tasks, other activities….well….folks and kids are burning out the strength in their hands! They also, most likely, do NOT wish to deal with anything that “Hand” strenuous after spending all day fighting with keyboards, mice and various peripherals at job places!




Please welcome: Righteous Stunt Clutch! Do you want more feel at the clutch lever? Would you like more control and the ability to have two or one finger(s) pulling the lever while the remaining are grabbing the grip? Do you want to make a difficult lever pull on an old bike more manageable, less straining, smoother and about 10 to 15 percent easier?

How about a clutch lever that incorporates a pretty smart pivot mechanism that will give you the leverage you need plus the ability to choose: three lengths of lever, two choices of bearing type (ball or delrin plastic bushing), color choice, plus the ability to “Perch” or raise up the lever unit with a spacer at the bar or …..a choice of two positions to anchor the clutch cable (One which is an easier pull at the bar, and the other which is more progressive but harder)? Whew!- A lot of “How Abouts”…! How about a great warranty?

Righteous provides all of this in a very distinctively designed packaged that speaks quality and durability.



Righteous Stunt Clutches were still Made In The USA….last we checked!!


When we received ours we were impressed by the attention to detail and the smoothness of the Delrin bushing unit. (We ordered both the Med and XL).

We installed the XL on a sport bike and were impressed with it’s ease of function, fluid movement and overall feel of this lever. It is NOT a sterile or wooden feel. It makes your hand confident at where you are in the clutch engagement. This is an excellent attribute for stunt riders, supermoto, wheelie freaks or just those who want to learn better clutch techniques etc. .

In our case we can say that we loved and used this unit for about four months until…..we found Magura Hymec (This will be another review).

Why the trade up? As fantastic as the Righteous was/is, the longest length that the lever comes in is about three inches (See photo). Because we ride in the city and on bikes that do not have newer assist type clutches, we find ourselves often in a position of maximum clutch pull (complete mech disengagement) a lot! There is never enough time to put the bike in neutral, but we still have to keep the clutch lever “Clamped” at the grip for many seconds at a time. The Righteous unit(s) do not come in a length that provides enough real estate for a full four finger throw down at the grip for times when you need your clutch in “Safe Mode”. It was for this reason alone that we decided to attempt the Magura install instead.





Is the Righeous Stunt a great product? Absolutely! We recommend trying this product highly. Just don’t expect miracles. This product was intended to make the pull easier while offering more grip to grab with your non operating fingers, therefore it may not feel that much easier when compared to a regular lever. That said, we at Motosquirrel feel that RSC should really come out with a much longer and more regular lever length for the rest of us non-dirt riders (Well Non-Dirt NOT for Long!). We are guessing that the designers worried that if the lever(s) were designed too long than there would be a likelihood of installation adjustment mistakes and lot’s of clutches getting burnt from not reaching full disengagement etc.- just a guess!



Righteous Stunt Clutch feels paired down, smoothed and a few percentage points smaller in size than an old OEM unit.


We also feel RSC should produce a fully adjustable reach lever and/or/plus this unit should be attenuated to all new assist clutches to make it easier or…..wait for it….even a a bit more of a harder pull- because some of the OEM’s releases have been deemed TOO silly easy to pull! (Hint Hint Righteous- Make It!).



Righteous Stunt Clutch is available in a host of colors. Even models to serve duty on Harley’s! (We chose black- Sexy!)


In our view, those manufacturers who make boutique/secondary market clutch and brake levers with the most adjustablity, ease of use, smooth operation, quickest maintenance and the most versatile fitment to various motorcycles will win the game!




Go Righteous Go!

Squirrel Out- J’ all!