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MOTO Sugru?
Who Knew? Check out our Review!
​We will stop rhyming too!


Firstly, we must explain further as to what *Sugru is! Well..we DO NOT KNOW! Here is what we DO know:

Sugru is a mysteriously mould-able man-made material that was originally designed/developed by some sexy young smart chick from the UK.. It’s proprietary formula is a defiantly well kept secret! Copy at your own risk!

It is mostly non-toxic, welcome to the touch, mould-able, relatively fast hardening and can be formed into lengths, limitless shapes and can easily accept the relief patterns pushed into it. It is very heat resistant, durable and can be used as a quick fix, for initial modeling, filling gaps and limitless opportunities where a mould-able/rubbery material is needed.

It also comes in many colors as well as both black and white and can be color mixed (Albeit not easily) to better match existing colors for consistency etc.


Sugru used to create a rounded/spherical clutch end for better grip and on center.


What Sugru is NOT! Although we here a Motosquirrel have experimented with this incredible material on about ten or so occasions, we have taken note at what Sugru shouldn’t be used as. For example, this material should not be used as one would incorporate epoxies or high-stress glues like JB weld etc. This gummy yet dense material ends up feeling more like the density of your handlebar grips rather than a hard plastic that can withstand lateral stress over planes etc. So…this material shouldn’t be used to patch a punctured engine case etc. Sugru is NOT that material! It shouldn’t be employed to bind high stress or high modulus components such as metals, fiberglass or composites.


That said, there are still a million uses for this incredible material! Have a punctured hole in the rubber sole of your Moto Boot? Clean it off, slap some Sugru on it, shape it quick…and wait a day! Need a grip on a tool that has an end or has been cut off?- Wrap some Sugru around the end to either fit your hand perfectly and/or add the textured grip pattern you wish! Got a USB wire connection that is fraying? Slap on some Sugru! Got some rattling on your bike where a body panel meets the frame etc.?- Custom SLAP some Sugru on the inside or as a special washer etc.! Need some new earpiece ends for your sunglasses, goggles or a new nose-piece?- Wait for it…….Slap some Sugru on it! Have a torn grip… time to wait for new ones……you get the idea!


Sugru is used to mimic a cap/cover piece no longer available as OEM.


We have included a few photo examples of how we have utilized Sugru on our bike or for our other related motorcycle products. Over the last three years we have been impressed with this products ease of use, infinite applications, colors available AND not lastly, it’s ability to save products or give them new life, especially when products are discontinued etc.(specifically in the case of boots that are our favorite(s) but no longer available and cannot be repaired by a professional). This ability is unique to Sugru!


The bad. The other two things that are unique to Sugru is its’ prohibitive pricing….at (Aprx.) .16 cents an ounce ($2.75 per .17 oz. ketchup sized packet), it ain’t cheap. The smallest size to experiment with would be a three-pack. And you WILL find a million uses for this material, as we have! Likely, you will also be combining these overly small ketchup packet sized parcels. Order more than you think you need!


Sugru is utilized here to attach a GoPro cam quick cleat to a Scorpion Helmet.


The second bad. Somehow, someway (place eerie conspiracy music here) whenever there is a fantastic DIY, how-to, or tut on how to make your own “Sugru” on any social stream or blog host provider….wait for it…., yep, it gets taken down! Someone out there is VERY protective of our little designer girl friend! Hmm…..was it her or 3M? We will never know!


You can get Sugru here, here and HERE!








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